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Bynoi is an ad-free platform, but in order to run Bynoi, it is necessary for us to employ an external third-party service approach. The recommendations and services that we deliver and accept must always have a functional character and serve to improve your experience and usage of Bynoi. These recommendations and services should, for example, be fully related to the products and streaming providers that are offered to you by us. This may, for example, involve a suggestion to play the searched content on the provider’s own platform, or a reference to matching products that entirely or partially contain your search criteria. Recommendations and services from a provider that has the exact content you have searched for. Recommendations and services for related content, products or experiences that match your content, favourites or content type. Suggestions or access to searched content on an anonymous page from different providers. Provide targeted concert or event tickets based on your favorites, playlist, use, location, etc. If you as a content provider want to agree to one or more third-party recommendation services through Bynoi or learn more about what we can offer, you can find the relevant email on our contact page.