Privacy policy

You have full control of your data

Last updated: March, 2019 Bynoi collects and stores information about you and your use of Bynoi to learn your habits, and thereby improve your experience with Bynoi and your chosen third-party products, and to make your personal Bynoi as optimal and user-friendly as possible. Bynoi collects and analyzes your data in order to allow you to benefit from better and more relevant third-party products, packages, content, prices, etc. We want to make this policy as simple and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions regarding our collection, use or processing of your information, you can find the relevant email on the contact page. Collection of Information Depending on whether you use the premium or unregistered internet version of Bynoi, we collect different types of information, some of which may contain personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information refers to any information that can identify you as a person (e.g. your name, address, phone number or email address). We collect the following information: We collect information you provide directly or indirectly to us. For example, we collect information when you create an account, update your profile, participate in functions within the services, fill out forms, request customer support or communicate with us or others. The types of information we collect may contain your name, sex, age, nationality, address, email address, telephone number, credit card or bank card information, interests and preferences, location and other data. WE RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WHEN YOU USE OUR SERVICES: We receive information about the services you use and how you use them. For example, when you watch content through Bynoi, you may need to visit a third-party website or an app that uses our integrated services, or you may need to interact with our adverts and content. This information contains the following: Log Information: When you use our services, we collect standard log files that contain the time and date of access, the pages or functions, your IP address, the type of browser used and the reference internet address. Device Information: We collect information about the devices you use to interact with our services, such as the hardware model and brand, operating system, device IDs, resource usage and error log files. Content Viewing Information: We receive information about the content you view and interact with. This information contains the title of the viewed content, actions taken while viewing the content, the amount of time you view the content and other information about that content. We receive this information in two different ways: We may receive this viewing information when you use Bynoi or one of Bynoi’s third-party providers that uses our integrated services. We may recognize the content viewed through Bynoi. Please note that we are only able to determine what you are viewing. Location Information: We collect information about the specific location of your device, including when you access or use one of our platforms that uses our integrated services. Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies: We use various technologies to collect information when you interact with our services. These technologies include cookies, local storage and web beacons. Cookies and local storage, such as HTML5, are small data files. Access to Information You can at any time make changes to the personal information you have provided to us or cancel newsletters. You can find and change information when logged in. You can only change and update your information. You may not delete information without deactivating your Bynoi account, because otherwise we cannot definitively identify you or your account. If you delete your Bynoi account and/or your personal information, Bynoi will store these for up to six months after deletion, because within this timeframe Bynoi needs to be able to determine the correct final settlement of accounts, perform statistics, etc. for the relevant time periods. If you believe that your account has been hacked, misused or made available to a third party in any other way, you should contact Bynoi, view the relevant email on the contact page. Security Bynoi is committed to protecting your information. The appropriate security measures have been taken to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information, including measures to prevent, to the greatest extent possible, other parties from accessing Bynoi’s databases. If, against all expectations, Bynoi identifies an internal security breach, and if there is suspicion of personal data theft, Bynoi will contact everyone who is suspected of being implicated, either via a provided email address or text message. In cases of massive breaches, or if Bynoi is prevented from sending information to each person individually, Bynoi may choose to write a general message at with information and instructions. Where is your personal information stored? Personal information is stored on servers in the EU. The personal information is only retained for as long as is required for the purposes set out above.