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Bynoi was founded with a vision to create a simple and dynamic platform, driven by a social network of users that collects access to different types of legal digital content, music, films, e-books, games, etc. whether this content comes from small microservices, individual artists or the biggest mainstream entertainment giants. Our team
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Beyond the two founders many freelancers has helped the Bynoi project on it´s way to realizing it´s vision. Community The success of Bynoi is built on community, which is why our first priority is you and the other users. We dedicate ourselves to each user individually, and we value each and every one of you who participates in personalizing the Bynoi experience. Meaning “Bynoi” is comprised of the English word “By” and the Italian word “Noi” (us) = “By us”, two words that lie at the heart of Bynoi’s business DNA in regards to community and independence.